Board of Directors

 Cyndi-Elliott-sized1CROPCyndi Elliott

I’ve seen this little idea of ‘community arts center’ grow in leaps and bounds since 2003. Tim and I envisioned an artistic environment where we could connect with our neighbors, friends and community. That is what this little theater is all about. When you walk in the 4th street doors for a performance, the lobby welcomes you, the halls welcome you, and the auditorium delights you. You feel like you can reach out to touch the performers, and, in many instances, you can. On any Thursday you can schedule a voice, guitar, or piano lesson. Friday afternoons you and your children can attend Jeanne Whitney’s Drama Club, and every Friday night you can put those lessons to work at the Open Mic. If you don’t want to perform, then come sit and enjoy an evening of humor and down home talent. Saturdays are reserved for performances by local and national talent. Sundays, the theater is host to either a Second Sunday Song Syrcle or a Kaddywompas Radio Show. And this is just the beginning! Tm Noah Thumbnail Theater is YOUR center for the arts and it is here for you and your family and friends to enjoy. Tell us what you are looking for and/or would like to teach. Tim Noah Thumbnail Theater welcomes your ideas and your help because it takes a village to raise a community performing arts center.

Greg-Deer-sized1cropGreg Deer

My involvement in the Thumbnail Theater goes back to 2009 when I began bringing my grandchildren to performances of The Imagine Inn with Cyndi Soup. At the same time I became aware of the Friday night Open Mics and began participating in performances myself.   Since 1970 I have been a semi-professional musician, playing folk, country, rock and roll, and big band jazz.   I have been gratified to be part of the “Thumb Family”  a “thumb-a-lum” as they say, and want to contribute my experience in the arts and business toward sustaining this valuable community asset and resource. I also host the Second Sunday Song Circle. Join us!

Lindsay-Douglas-sized1cropLindsay Douglas

Presently serving as Treasurer of the Board, I am is a founding member of Tim Noah Thumbnail Theater. I volunteer in a number of ways for the theater, act as a principal puppeteer for The Thumbs Up Puppeteers  Imagine Inn performances and create some of the puppets (Gus Puppy being my favorite) and props for those shows. Previously I was a preschool teacher for many years and was actively involved on a PTA Board and the Local Board of the League of Women Voters. I have always been a strong supporter of the arts in education. I’ve even started piano lessons in the last few years. Perhaps you’ll hear me play some Friday in the future. Only when I’m ready as there is no pressure here at The Thumb.

Tim-Noah-sized1cropTim Noah

 Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director.  Tim is an Emmy award winning songwriter and producer, nationally acclaimed recording artist and star of stage and screen. He has appeared on HBO, The Disney Channel and the BBC.
His musical journey has taken him to the high Himalayan villages of Ladakh, India and to Lincoln Center in New York. His captivating performances touch the hearts and minds of all ages and inspire them to dream.

Corkie 013cropSharon Cordisco

Theater Management, Volunteer Coordinator.  I discovered this little gem of a theater after attending an open mic a few years ago, and there are no words to express the affection I feel for this wonderful group of people and the vision they bring to the community. The “Thumb” is a unique treasure. It’s a joy to contribute time and energy to this enterprise. Great concerts with talented artists in the local, national, and international scene, an opportunity for new artists to build a fan base, a supportive environment to nurture creativity and learning for kids and adults, and a great place to gather and collaborate on a variety of projects.  This has been a tremendously rewarding volunteer experience. I look forward to another great year in 2013.

Lisa Utter

Secretary. I became a supporter of the theater after sending my intrepid husband Eric off with a group of our children’s friends to the theater’s first holiday show. They came back raving about being called on stage to put on blue Elvis wigs, Eric in a tutu, and great music. Our family was soon attending open mics, and our daughter started taking classes with Tim. I love the atmosphere at the theater.  It is a safe place to experiment and grow artistically. I have a legal and public policy background and currently work with a health advocacy non-profit.

 Gail Brenchley

Dawn Madsen