Review of Batdorf / Holder

John Batdorf

Tim Noah Thumbnail Theater June 10th

The consummate singer-songwriter, John Batdorf brought a bushel basket full of thoughtfully conceived songs containing insightful lyrics and tuneful melodies and delivered them to a rapt audience. With his clear, articulate, pitch-perfect tenor voice and superb acoustic guitar accompaniment, Batdorf made good use of the natural resonace of the room and moved effortlessly from delicate finger picking ballads to rhythmic rockers with powerful lead lines and strumming. His easy, relaxed stage presence and refreshingly transparent guitar sound (among the finest I’ve ever heard) were an added bonus to a performance that left nothing lacking.

Terry Holder

Tim Noah Thumbnail Theater June 10th

Terry Holder opened for John Batdorf with a solid, heart-felt set of originals and accompanied her sweet light and lilting soprano with fine open-tuned guitar work. Terry’s performance was complimented by the skilled lead guitar work and vocal harmony of her husband, Jerry Holder, who added just the right touch.